ONE Pound of Water Beads for the Lawn

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Magic Water Crystals are environmentally safe water absorbent (water absorbing crystals) that soaks up excess  water in the soil and holds it until your grass and plant roots need it.  GR-150 acts as a water reservoir in the that can be filled and emptied many times.  The use of GR-150 will result in less care and watering for virtually all plant-growing applications.


  • Holds 80 - 150 times its weight in water in most soils.
  • Reduces watering frequency by as much as 50%.
  • Reduces transplant shock and mortality.
  • Increase water-retaining capabilities of light, loose soils.
  • Reduces compaction of dense soils
  • Allows plants to thrive between waterings.
  • Is economical ---- costs 30% - 60% less than other water absorbers.