Water Beads for the Lawn




Magic Water Crystals are environmentally safe water absorbent (water absorbing crystals) that soaks up excess  water in the soil and holds it until your grass and plant roots need it.  GR-150 acts as a water reservoir in the soil...one that can be filled and emptied many times.  The use of GR-150 will result in less care and watering for virtually all plant-growing applications.




Potting Soil

  • Mix Magic Water Crystals with potting soil at the dosages recommended below:
  • 1 quart soil mix,  add 0.5 Tsp Magic Water Crystals
  • 12 quarts soil mix, add 2 Tsp Magic Water Crystals


Transplanting Trees and Shrubs

Generally, trees and shrubs require constant watering until their roots become reestablished. In summer conditions, using Magic Water Crystals for transplanting can reduce mortality rates by as much as 30%. Magic Water Crystals does not promote rotting of the root structure. During prolonged transportation of plants, Magic Water Crystals can provide an adequate supply of water without any spillage.

Pre-hydrate Magic Water Crystals by mixing 1/2 cup of crystals with 4 gallons of water. Let stand for 30 minutes. Fill the base of a watertight box to a level of one inch. Remove your plants from their pots and place the root balls into the Magic Water Crystals gel. For bare-root plant transportation, make sure that the gel is firm to allow good aeration of the roots.

  • 2 gal. root ball, add 1/4 cup Magic Water Crystals
  • 5 gal. root ball, add 1/2 cup Magic Water Crystals
  • 15 gal. root ball, add 1 1/2 cup Magic Water Crystals.


Hanging Baskets

To reduce the required frequency of watering hanging plants during the summer months, add Magic Water Crystals to potting soil when constructing your basket


Park Landscaping

Premix Magic Water Crystals at a rate of 0.75 - 2.5 lbs. per cubic yard of soil.  It is important to obtain full hydration of the crystals as quickly as possible to help stabilize the soil structure.


Lawn Sodding

Prepare soil for sod. Apply Magic Water Crystals to prepared soil at a rate of between 2-10 lbs. per 100 square feet. Rake crystals into soil (optional). Lay sod and water well.  The application of Magic Water Crystals can reduce watering requirements by as much as 60% in the summer months. Your newly laid turf will quickly establish a vigorous root structure requiring less care.

  • 1000 sq. ft. Sod, add 5 lbs. Magic Water Crystals
  • 5000 sq. ft. Sod, add 25 lbs. Magic Water Crystals

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