LED Water Bead Fragrance Jars

LED Water Bead Fragrance Jars

These are NOT Dollar Tree quality. These perfumed 12-Ounce jars are top-of-the-line Best sellers. Great Night-Light for your kid's room.

Jars have a light switch on the base of the jar that customers can turn on and off. Jars transition from color to color slowly adding to it a wonderful, peaceful ambience to any room.

Light-Up Water Bead Jars fragrances are Lemon, Orange, Ocean, Clear Spring, Lavender, and Rose; all 5% powerful-long lasting but pleasant fragrances. 

Great News! When the jar nears the end of its life, simply add more perfume. This is a great Gift Idea.

No one in the nation, sells these jars with the exception of some Ace Hardware Stores and we supply them!

Pricing: Please see below for pricing

This is a best seller!

We cannot wait to get these Light-Up Water Bead Jars in your home, office, bathrooms even cars!