Floating Pearls

For those of you that are Visual, Here are wonderful directions by our partners Vase Pearlfection!



For those of you that need a little more direction, see below!

You will need the following items. You can get the water beads from us and the Pearls from our Partners VasePearlfection (https://vasepearlfection.com/):

1. Grow your Water Beads first.

2. Add some water beads to your jar and then sit some pearls on the water beads as shown in the picture below:


3. Then add more clear water beads and more pearls after that. Continue doing this until you are near the top of the vase. If you are going to add a floating candle, then only add water beads and pearls about 80% of the way up. The reason for this is because once you sit the floating candle on the water beads, the water will rise and you do not want to overflow your centerpiece.

4. Once you have layered the water beads and the pearls, just add water, slowly, leaving some room at the top so the water does not spill. You will notice the clear water beads disappearing while the floating pearls appear to magically float.

5. Sit your floating candle and it is done!









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