Pounds of Water Beads

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  • VASE /TANK/ WEDING HOME DECORATION: Put those water absorbing Magic Water Beads in a glass vase, jar, or in a white metal tray and then put it under a light, and you will discover a new world. Create your own wonderful Centerpieces for Weddings or just for home décor. Throw the colorful water beads into a tank to make your fish play with it or add into a glass container with water grass or some other sea animals; you would be surprised that you create your own magic sea world.
  • Magic Water Beads are Non-fade, Non-Toxic and Non-flammable material make the water beads excellent quality.
  • SENSORY PLAY: Safe refill or replacement for all Magic Water Beads products. Soothing tactile Experience for kids with color recognition, counting & fine motor skill and language development.
  • All Magic Water Beads ship same day.