Ways To Use Your Water Beads

15th Nov 2021

Water beads are a great decorative item in the home or for weddings and

events. They are also great for use with young children and a variety of different

ways you can play with them. This may have you wondering how to use water beads

in the first place. When using your imagination the opportunities are endless for

both decorating and child’s play! If you are looking to plant with water beads you

will want to use approximately one tablespoon of water beads per 10 cups of water.

You can create your mixture for multiple vases at once while mixing and matching

color options. This is also a great opportunity to create centerpieces for a wedding

or event with colorful vases.

If you are looking to create sensory bins for children you are likely

wondering how to use water beads. You will want to gather 1-2 tablespoons of

water beads and 1-2 cups of water. Once you mix the water and beads you will want

to wait 6-8 hours for them to fully absorb. Now the opportunities are endless! You

can add lights underneath your water beads and watch them shine through. You can

have your children sort the water beads by color into various containers. You can

add a variety of other objects to your water beads and mix them all together. You

will also notice that they even bounce! While you won’t want to throw an entire

container of water beads on the ground it is fun to watch one or two bounce up and


If you have any questions about how to use water beads or various instances

where they may be useful we are here to help. We look forward to helping you

create wonderful displays of art and endless hours of fun!