Water Beads for Plants

Water Beads for Plants

Posted by MWB on 13th Jan 2021

Water Beads for Plants

Serving as a substitute for natural soil is one uses of water beads which is currently gaining a lot of popularity among people. Water beads are known to have a water-retaining capacity which then can be stored for a very long time and released as plants need water for more than a month. With such capabilities, water beads tend to serve as a perfect replacement for natural soil when it comes to getting your plant to stay moist at all times without the incidence of over watering them - not to mention, how much more water beads beautify your home.

Growing your plant in water beads is a revolutionary way of styling up your home while also making sure that you do not have to always spend time and energy watering your plants. With just the right amount and kind of fertilizer, you will be able to have your favorite flower or plant flourish in water beads.

Knowing the right plant to grow in water beads will provide you with a lot of benefits which you might overlook in the beginning. Some of these benefits include;

  • Saves money:

  • Saves time:

These are just two of the benefits that you stand to gain when you really do know of the right type of plant to grow in your water beads or crystal soil. Read on and find out all those plants for yourself.

The following are plants that do well in water beads;


Vine Prayer 

Plant Rubber Plant 

And believe it or not: Orchids

Spider Plant 

Weeping Fig

Norfolk Island pine Peperonia 

The Palm
Peacock Plant 

Peace Lily 

Chinese evergreen



Palm Dracaena 

Lucky bamboo

These are all plants that can grow very well in water beads. All that you need to do is provide the right conditions for them. Plants like the lucky bamboo grow  perfectly when there is a mixture of water beads and some pebbles. These pebbles help to give the bamboo some form of strong and firm hold in the water beads. Others also need to have some quantity of clay and other kinds of soil particles in order to grow. When these things are well catered for then you can rest assured that the flower you have planted will grow as you would like.

There is also another thing that you need to keep in mind which is; all these plants do need some kind of fertilizer and once that is provided, they will have all that they need in order to grow and beautify your area.

So What are water beads?

Water beads are tiny water absorbent polymer. When exposed to water, they absorb, tore and then release water needed for growing plants.

A single 10 gram packet of water beads expands to over 2 cups of beads.

They are cleaner and definitely prettier than soil and can be used and reused repeatedly.

Are water beads safe?
Yes. Water beads are safe. They are: Non-toxic, Biodegradable, Eco-friendly Color-fast – they will not stain or discolor the water. Non-fading

Because of their size, even though they are not toxic, care must be taken when they are around small children. They must never be eaten.

What colors are available?
Currently, Magic water beads stocks 14 colors with more to come.

Do you have bulk discounts available?
Yes. Please visit MagicWaterBeads.com and click the BULK TAB.

How can I use water beads?

Water beads are multi functional. They can be used for artificial flowers in a vase, as an alternative to soil or for planting seeds. Use them as a table decoration for an event or for kids as a play activity. Take a look at this awesome long list of things to do with water beads!

How do I grow water beads grow?

Always remember that water beads need lots of water to grow in. One pound of water beads will make between 12 - 15 gallons of hydrated water beads. Typically, 1/4 pound of water beads needs about 1 gallon of water. If you ever notice the water beads at the water level after 8 hours, then that is an indication there wasn't enough space for the water beads to grown in. If after 8 hours, the water beads are still below the water level, then you can rest assured the water beads had enough water to grow in. Soak them in water for 6 - 8 hours. Drain off any excess liquid and then they are ready to use. For smaller quantities: Water bead instructions for Bulk Bags:

For every level measuring teaspoon of water beads, add 2 1/2 cups of distilled water (or 3 cups of tap water) to a large, flat container (a baking dish works well) and sprinkle in evenly the water beads.

Can I add a scent to the beads?
You sure can. Simply add your favorite essential oil. The more perfumed oil you add, the stronger and longer lasting your scented jar will be. The rule is simply add the essential oil together with the water and let the water beads grow for 8 hours in a COVERED jar so that the scent remains in the jar and in the water beads. Try it. You'll like it.

Are water beads safe to use with Candles?
Yes. Water beads are safe to use with candles. Make sure they are floating candles. Try it. You'll love the


Why are my water beads shrinking?
Water beads are designed to release water when needed to hydrate plants. After a month or so you may notice they are starting to get smaller. To re-hydrate them either add a little water to the vase or pot if you have a plant growing, or remove the beads, rinse them well and let them soak in some water for an hour or so until they have grown again. This can be done again and again!

How long do water beads last?
Water beads last up to 2 years! How amazing is that? If mixed in soil for purposes of moisture retention, they may be functional up to 7-9 years.

What do I do with the beads when I no longer want to use them?

Simply dehydrate them by spreading them out on a piece of paper towel and within 7 days they will have dried out. Put them in a zip-lock bag and they can be put away for future use. You can also put them into a zip-lock bag while they are still hydrated and store them for years but you must rinse them well when ready to use again.

How do I dispose of my water beads?
When you no longer want the beads, add them to your garden, pots or just mix with your soil next time you are planting. The moisture in them will help your garden grow and conserve water.

Are Orbeez good for plants?
Although Orbeez are for kids, they are still water beads so, Yes, they can be used for plants.

Are water beads safe to eat?
Although Magic Water Beads are non-toxic, they should not be eaten because they absorb moisture. Ingesting one or two, even a few, is not dangerous but many water beads will absorb moisture, expand and perhaps create a blockage in the intestines or colon. It is important to note that water beads are not designed for child's play as a rule without parental

guidance. Although water beads are non-toxic and environmentally safe, they should not be eaten by young children.

Where to buy Water Beads?

MagicWaterBeads.com, of course! or our Sister Website USAWaterbeads.com