Fun With Water Beads

Fun With Water Beads

Posted by MWB on 13th Jan 2021


So much fun with water beads! Initially popular as vase fillers for flower arrangements, they have become a truly versatile product that can also be used for child development, in the creation of air fresheners and as refills for commercial toy products.

Just add them to water and watch as they grow from very small pellets to colorful jelly marbles. Our water beads are made from polyacrylamide using Potassium Chloride which allows them to absorb, store and release water to keep plants and flowers moist. This same compound is also used to control soil erosion, retain moisture in landscaping installations and manufacture diapers. Lay water beads down before laying sod. Your lawn will thank you!

The most common application for water beads is in the creation of centerpiece arrangements for wedding receptions. We get tons of visits, calls, texts, and emails regarding wedding centerpieces. They make great expensive, elegant vases for a fraction of what an event planner might charge you.

They offer a great option for vase filling since they are softer and lighter than marbles or glass beads, plus they come in an array of different colors and are reusable. Arrangements can be made with a single color or with multiple ones that are mixed or layered. Our beads not only offer a decorative splash of color, but they also add functionality to centerpieces by holding flowers in place. And should your vase get knocked over you won't have to worry about water pouring all over the floor or other surfaces. But you will have a zillion bouncing beautiful beads jumping around. Get your camera ready~!

Another use that has become increasingly popular is to utilize water beads in sensory applications for preschool activities. Children learn from touching, sorting and seeing the beads in sensory tables and other ways. Exercises in color recognition, hydration and texture recognition help expand the minds of preschool students.

Our product's versatility goes even further. Rather than pay full price for air fresheners, you can make your own at a fraction of the cost using water beads. Add water to the water beads, and stir in a capful of concentrated fragrance oil (which can be purchased at a candle supply retailer). In addition to cost savings you will benefit from an almost unlimited combination of scents and colors, plus your air freshener can be used over and over.

We have 14 colors for you to choose from. If you have any questions, feel free to text us or call us at 305 992 5783