Bulk Water Beads

Bulk Water Beads

Bulk Pricing

Our Wholesale Water Beads prices are the lowest in the market. If you find lower prices, please call or text us at 305-992-5783 and let's discuss.

San Diego State University uses our water beads for their environmental programs of the coast of California. Many other companies including the film industry purchases from us for their entertainment, hot packs, fragrances and many more uses.

If you can find lower prices, please let us know but we don't think you will.


Susan Welch, President





If you would like to order our 55 Pound Drums, please call or text us for more information 305-992-5783.


25 DRUMS ($450.00 each), Delivery included $11,250.00.


65 DRUMS ($250.00 each), Delivery included $16,250.00.


450 DRUMS ($199.00 each), Delivery included $89,550.00